Monday, December 12, 2005

To all,
There are alternatives to nuclear power such as wind, solar, biomass,
geothermal, ocean wave, hot air etc.

Here is one "clean, green, cost effective" alternative to nuclear power.
Wavemill ocean wave power technology can be configured to make
hydrogen fuel cells for worldwide distribution.

Wavemill Technology

The Wavemill® is a new, highly efficient technology that harnesses the immense, renewable energy contained in ocean waves. Its unique ability to extract and convert energy from both the rising and falling waves, as well as from surge forces - all without trade-offs - represents a technological breakthrough.

The Wavemill® is the first practical, high-efficiency wave energy converter capable of being factory produced as a cost-effective, off-the-shelf unit, rather than having to be built on site.

Significantly Higher Output Than Wind and Solar Technologies

Ocean wave energy is highly concentrated compared to other renewable sources, often offering 15-20 times more available energy per square meter than wind or solar. Because wave energy is highly concentrated wind energy, and because water density is much higher than that of air, the available energy from ocean waves is known to be many times greater than that of wind. For example, along the California coast, yearly averages show wave power as having a 17 times advantage in available energy per square metre. This advantage, at similar ratios, also holds true in the case of photovoltaic energy converters, more commonly known as solar panels.

No Direct or Upstream GHG's

Wave energy is both free and abundant. By taking advantage of this sustainable energy source, Wavemill® powered systems produce no greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, either directly or indirectly, thereby contributing to the reduction of global warming. This feature will also make larger Wavemill® installations very attractive to those brokering or trading in the emerging market for "carbon credits." Although this could mean lower acquisition costs for the buyer, thus leading to increased demand; it is not factored into WEC's current financial projections. Coupled with the opportunity to lower production and output costs, this key environmental benefit will make Wavemill® based systems highly attractive to a growing number of utilities, water resellers, developers, governments, NGO's, and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Free Energy Reduces Costs for a Variety of Processes

Because wave energy is free, the Wavemill® can reduce the production and output costs of various energy intensive processes. For example, Wavemill® systems can be used for seawater desalination, power generation, water purification or hybrid water/power applications. The production of clean hydrogen fuel by the electrolysis of seawater is also on the horizon.

The Wavemill® is designed to power a variety of energy intensive processes, and because wave energy is free, their associated production and output costs can be greatly reduced. These include the desalination of seawater to provide safe, potable freshwater; the production of electricity and hydraulic power; the purification of unsafe water; and in the future, the production of clean hydrogen fuel and oxygen from seawater by electrolysis. Hybrid systems combining these processes are also practical. These capabilities can be built into Wavemill® devices to provide integrated, turnkey systems or can be connected remotely.

In the case of seawater desalination, the cost of energy - which represents the largest single cost in this process - can now be eliminated or greatly reduced, thereby making safe, freshwater less expensive to produce at a time when global shortages continue to increase. In the growing, global market for innovative, practical and cost-effective solutions, the modular and scalable Wavemill® will address a broad range of market needs and applications.

More Flexible than Tidal Energy

The Wavemill® is NOT a tidal energy device. Unlike those site-specific installations, which require highly unique conditions, the Wavemill® is designed for broad based site suitability and simple installation. Respected studies and reports have stated that because of its global distribution and highly concentrated nature, wave energy represents a logical choice as the most suitable alternative to traditional energy sources - once practical conversion technology becomes available. The Wavemill® provides that practical solution.

Simplicity, Extreme Durability, and Cost Effectiveness

James Watt, whose inventions revolutionized the modern world, stated "Of all things, but proverbially so in mechanics, the supreme excellence is simplicity." The Wavemill's elegantly simple design, full scalability, and innovative approach to production, installation, servicing and security all embody this philosophy.

For example, the Enclosed Surge Wall (ESW) caisson incorporates numerous parts and features into a single, highly durable moulded component. A strategy of incorporating maximum simplicity, durability, flexibility and serviceability is applied in the design of all of the Wavemill's major components, sub-systems and options.


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