Friday, January 13, 2006

U.S.A. Federal Dirty Bomb Cleanup Policy

"A Nuclear Katrina in the Making"
Department of Homeland Security Issues Grossly Lax
Dirty Bomb Cleanup Guidance (01/04/06):
Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2006 2:09 am
Dirty Bomb Cleanup Guidance

US Department of Homeland Security Dirty Bomb Cleanup Guidance
published Jan 3, 2006 would allow radiation levels that will cause cancer
in 1 in every 3 to 4 people exposed for 30 years, using National Academy
of Sciences BEIR VII or EPA risk estimates.

NIRS Press Release. January 4, 2006.
The guidance permits radioactive contamination from a terrorist dirty bomb to remain in place, with no long-term cleanup measures required, at doses up to 10,000 millirems per year indefinitely. This is about a thousand times higher dose and risk than EPA Superfund guidance currently allows for cleanup of the nation's most contaminated sites.

"Some pro-nuclear government officials publicly claim that a radiological weapon couldn't cause any harm except fear," said Diane D'Arrigo of the Nuclear Information and Resource Service, a Washington, D.C. policy group. "Yet in DHS FEMA guidance, the government is quietly admitting that radiation from dirty bombs could cause one in four people to get cancer—and makes it potentially acceptable to leave that contamination long into the future while people live and work in the area." DHS's dirty bomb "cleanup" levels far exceed all previous US health guidance, regulations and risk levels.

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