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August 1, 2006 on X-Zone Radio with Leuren Moret
- Depleted Uranium (DU) & Diabetes

LEUREN MORET - The DU / Diabetes Connection - Leuren Moret is an independent international radiation specialist and works around the world on radiation issues related to atmospheric testing, nuclear power plants, and depleted uranium. She has a background in the geosciences, specifically atmospheric dust, and is an Environmental Commissioner in the City of Berkeley. She writes and travels widely. Recently she has appeared in three documentary films about depleted uranium - BEYOND TREASON, BAGDAD RAP, and BLOWIN' IN THE WIND. - -

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There is definitely a link between DU (heavy metal
uranium) and diabetes. The atomic and hydrogen
bombs had much more DU in them than plutonium... so
much of atmospheric testing pollution was DU.


United States: 215 atmospheric tests + 815 underground tests = 1,030
USSR: 219 atmospheric tests + 496 underground tests = 715
UK: 21 atmospheric tests + 24 underground tests = 45
France: 50 atmospheric tests + 160 underground tests = 210
China: 23 atmospheric tests + 22 underground tests = 45

The grand total of global atmospheric tests = 528

Source: Page 52, "Atomic Audit, the Costs and Consequences of U.S. Nuclear
Weapons Since 1940," Stephen Schwartz, Editor, Brookings Institution Press,
Washington D.C., 1998.
(Posted for educational and research purposes only,
in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107


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