Sunday, October 08, 2006

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"Atmospheric Testing, Nuclear Power Plants, Depleted

Dear Leuren Moret:

I viewed your taped conversation, and you are right on the money. I don't know how to rectify what has happened, or how it even happened with the "oversight" of the AEC, DOE and NRC.

I know now that their was never any oversight and that the various Government oversight agencies were part of the problem, and never part of the solution.

I worked in the nuclear business for GE [ as a subcontractor employee ( slave) for the Naval Reactors Program] for thirty years. During 1982 I was promoted to manage all of the safety matters, at two Naval Reactors site [Saratoga Springs, NY - 4 reactors, and Windsor, CT- 1 reactor]. After I performed my first inspection of the sites I knew that the programs were several disasters waiting to happen. I did what I could to get voluntary compliance with the various government regulations for three years. I finally wrote an internal report which I distributed to the Government [DOE], GE, and IUE - 301 [Union].

The world fell in on me. I lasted for three years, until I was ushered of the site, where I worked, with an M-16 at my back. I have done and been plenty of places since my career ending inspection, as a Nuclear Physicist/Nuclear Engineer. So far not a single public official has dared to stand up to be counted. This includes Clinton, Schumer, my local Congressman, Senator John Glenn, my State and local officials. No one cares or everyone is too terrified to speak up.

The reactors being run on land, for training purposes, are full blown high power reactors being run w/o Containment Vessels, Emergency Core Cooling system, separate operating room facilities, or a local emergency plan. Additionally ships and subs are parked in dozens of shipyards around the world, also w/o these safety requirements mandated by the DOE/NRC for all land based nuclear reactors. What a mess if one or more of these plants were to meltdown. The Chaos, death and injuries cannot even be conceived at this point.

Thanks for your report it is both interesting and informative.

John P. Shannon
Nuclear Physicist/Nuclear Engineer
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